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About Us

The Indian Insiders

Banyan Tours is the go-to partner for the very best of the International travel trade – entrusted to navigate the challenges of travel in India.


We are experts in our field, knowledge based and respected for our ethical and uncompromising style of travel.


We are Flexible and Creative

We curate specialist tours of India for museums, artists, writers, poets and musicians, for cooks  chefs, photographers, honeymooners and television production teams, for individuals and families seeking the perfect cultural adventure. 


Creative Private Event Planning 

Specialist groups via their preferred tour operators have relied on Banyan for years; this includes institutions such as MoMA, TATE London & the World Monument Fund – as well as associations such as the Royal British Legion and Scottish Reeling societies.


Carefully Curated Travel Planning

Journeys designed by the Banyan team have been making a difference to travellers to India for over 25 years – curated, carefully planned and logistically intelligent trips, all executed with the excellent level of service Banyan has become synonymous with.

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Banyan's People

The magic that is Banyan is and will always be, its people.

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Jamshyd Sethna founded Banyan Tours in 1996 to assist specialist travel companies & tour operators with the very best service, creativity and support in India. Jamshyd is supported by three leading ladies; Rachna Ahluwalia, Shonali Datta and Lucy Davison. Head office is in Delhi with Banyan offices located throughout the country. 


The magic that is Banyan is and will always be, its people. From the operations and finance team in the head office in Delhi to the ops team across the country in Banyan’s own offices – and all the exceptional guides and drivers, these are the people who make every Banyan journey in India unforgettable.

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Pictured: Shonali, Jamshyd and Lucy

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