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Why Us?

Our focus is to create journeys that are unique, dynamic and beneficial for all involved; the traveller and the local communities. We ensure a privileged access to a country which challenges as much as it empowers.


This is all part of the Banyan difference in a country that can seem impenetrable, but is – in our opinion – the richest in all of Asia.


Tailor made travel, at its best

Small enough to be personal and large enough to have an enviable relationship with hotels and suppliers. Combined with creativity and high operational standards, an ethical approach to our local partners and communities is central to all that we do. It is the foundations on which we run our tailor made holidays. 


Shakti Himalayas

As a testimony to our constant innovation and creativity - our associate company, Shakti, provides extraordinary private experiences in remote regions of the Indian Himalayas.


Our relationship with you

We are dedicated to our partners, ensuring your clients return home, knowing you chose the best. We are here to build a long term partnership with you to help whenever your clients plan an India trip



It is our promise that we will ensure a respectful and careful approach to travel. Respecting and protecting the local communities, wildlife, their habitats, & the incredible heritage of India for future generations to come must be part of all our visions. 


We make thoughtful decisions on how to best conduct our business - in terms of which hotels and lodges to work with, which guides to entrust in navigating the fine line of sensitive tourism and how to ensure that our guests visit India in the most mindful way. 

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