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India by Banyan

No two itineraries are ever the same. The imprint India makes on every one who visits is unique. It is why we take the planning of every journey very importantly – curating the perfectly bespoke journey.


It's the little details every day, that amount to magic for the traveller, which we take great pride in.


Focussing on every small detail

The people you will meet, the best bedroom with the best view, the most suitable guide, the minutely executed plans for a perfect day given the utmost thought in advance. Our passion and knowledge about food, for example, allows for not just great restaurant suggestions – be it fine dining or a hidden local gem – but also, what to

eat where.


Curating the perfectly bespoke journey

This does not end with the planning – the on ground support, allowing for flexibility with changes and response to situations usually out of anyone’s control (some times called a crisis!) is at the forefront of our skillset.


Committed to high standards of service

The standards we maintain across all aspects of our journeys are integral to our success - the transport, the guides, the hotels we choose to work with, the little details every day which amount to magic for the traveller which we take great pride in.

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