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Our clients speak…

"Simply the best."

Joanna Davies Private Travel, UK

"Working with Banyan Tours for a high-end trip to India makes life easy. The handpicked travel advisers have an incredible knowledge. Banyan Tours goes further than the “classic India”. They open doors, which are closed for the mainstream tourist. Even our most demanding and extremely well travelled clients are blown away by the quality of the guiding and operations. Their 24/7 follow up on the ground is reassuring. We work together for more than 15 years now. Banyan Tours understand our expectations and our clients wishes  - so very efficient. They have a sensitive  Nose for quality – we just love them!"

Atlas Reizen, Belgium


"Banyan are not only the gold standard of on the ground partners in India but the wider travel industry. We now take for granted their efficiency, reliability and trustworthiness but it is their taste level and magician-like ability to make the vision of our trips come to life that we never take for granted. …Surprisingly it is not however, their seamless execution that is their greatest strength, it is their people."


"What, I believe, sets the best in travel against the ‘also rans’ is a joy in being brave and the confidence to differentiate. Today this is even more important than it was when we started. The mediocre is just an algorithm away. At Cazenove+Loyd we rely on finding like-minded people (real people!) in the most exciting and challenging destinations In the world. Banyan share our vision and have always delivered… and we have over 20 years of mutual respect and enlightened clients."

cazenove+loyd, UK

"We love working with Banyan in India for many reasons, their vast knowledge of the destination is incomparable, but it is not only that, it is the parsing of this intel to fit the right clients that makes them stand alone. Throw in excellent response times, brilliant guiding and some of the most unique offerings (hello Shakti) and an exceptional ability to fight fire when necessary - and you have a partner of the kind you want to keep close. Here's to many more years working together."

Trufflepig, Canada

"One must have a special level of help to peel back the many layers of India.  No one is more gifted at this than Banyan Tours. From the perfect vantage point to watch life unfold, to esteemed guides, to private places and people one would otherwise never know, Banyan gives thier travellers the very best of this most remarkable part of the world."

Curry & Co, USA

"At BRU & BRU we consider our providers an extension of ourselves, and we choose them carefully. We need collaborators that share our same quality standards and, in the case of Banyan Tours, we can say they really fit in them. They are professional, efficient and pay very much attention to detail. Working with them has been a pleasure over the years, and travelling with them, an absolute pleasure too."

BRU & BRU, Spain

"At GeoEx, we operate in approximately 90 countries, all of which have their particular attributes and challenges as a travel destination. India stands out as one in which a highly capable on-the-ground partner is  essential, and Banyan Tours has been excellent. Despite a travel environment that is complex, dynamic, and in some cases, unpredictable, the Banyan team have consistently met or exceeded the high expectations of GeoEx’s well-traveled clientele."

GeoEx, USA

Banyan Tours are one of our most valued long-term partners; they perfectly embody our service-led approach to luxury experiential travel, and we consistently receive excellent feedback on the quality of their guides, drivers and tours.

Black Tomato, UK

"We have worked with Banyan Tours for approximately 10 years and they have not let us down once. Attention to detail, personalisation and always keen to develop ways to work together, Banyan have been our ideal partner in India. With dedicated consultants who make an effort to get to know what you really want, the bespoke service they provide is second to none."

Natural World Safaris, UK

"For clients who are not prepared to get their holiday wrong, Banyan Tours are the only people to entrust them to when they travel to India. They are deeply well informed, supremely competent, have an outstanding network of guides, drivers and more besides and possibly best of all, and are always a pleasure to work with. I would never work with anyone else."

Daunt Travel, UK

"Great relationships are based on reliability and trust. With Banyan these qualities shine through, together with their terrific management & service team. I couldn’t recommend them more highly."

Red Savannah, UK

"I feel so lucky to know Banyan Tours. They are the best partner for our clients’ journey in the Indian sub-continent and really understand our needs."

Lariotour, Italy


"We have worked with Banyan for many years and all we ever hear from our discerning, well-travelled clients is how magnificently they have been looked after during their time in India….It is essential to be able to trust our partners around the world and in Banyan we trust implicitly, to source the best hotels, guides, drivers and activities and to look after our clients."


Laterallife, UK

"Shonali and the Banyan Tours team have always been our “right hand” when sending our most discerning clients to India."

Smartflyer, USA 

Images: Gentl & Hyers // Chris Caldicott // Bill Phelps


"I have been working with Banyan Tours for several years and would not book India with anyone else. Every trip we’ve booked has been seamless in the process and our clients have been extremely pleased with the service and the quality of not only the itineraries but also of the guides. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and always must efficient and helpful.


For India, it’s Banyan Tours…."


Bob Goldstein, Ovatian Travel 

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